Research Areas


The diversity of emergent phenomena and opportunities to connect theoretical ideas and calculations to experimetanlly observed phenomena are major attractions for condensed matter theory. While much effort of our group go into the study of strongly correlated systems such as high temperature superconductors and quantum Hall effect, we work on a diverse set of topics as you can see from our publication list. For instance, we have worked on fractional vortices in chiral superconductors, curvature effects on graphene, edge states of topological insulator, topological quantum phase transition, charge density waves in rare-earth-Tellurides, nodal nematic quantum phase transition, and intra-unit-cell nematicity in high Tc superconductors. See below for topics of current research.

Current Research

  • Electronic nematic physics in Sr3Ru2O7

  • Electronic nematic, smectic and superconductivity in high Tc cuprates

  • Signatures of non-Abelian statistics in quantum Hall interferometer

  • Physics of high Landau level states

  • Signatures of fractionalization in nanotubes