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Group leader  


  Prof. Kyle Shen

Eun-Ah Kim (cv)

Associate Professor of Physics
507 Clark Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
Phone: 607-254-5340
Cell: 650-796-4135
Fas: 607-255-6428[at]

Dr. Mark Fischer

Ph.D. from ETH Zurich

Joined us in Aug 2010


Dr. Abolhassan Vaezi

Ph.D from MIT

Joined us in Sep 2012

Graduate students    
  Kyungmin Lee

Kyungmin Lee (year 2009)

Complex oxides, SC & nematicity



Yi-Ting(Alice) Hsu (year 2010)

Topological Phases


Undergraduate students    





Andrej Mesaros

Andrej visited us from Leiden

Currently a postdoc at Boston College

Complex oxides, SC & nematicity


    Junping Shao


Junping Shao

Junping was an undergraduate intern. Now a graduate student at SUNY Binghamton

Quantum Hall nematic