intra-unitcell nematicity. cartoon

We established a Ginzburg-Landau(GL) functional describing coupling between nematic fluctuations and phase of local smectic. The symmetry based GL functional predicts smectic dislocations to lie at the border between positive and negative nematic flucatuasion. This was confirmed in STM data.

(Left) Nematic fluctuation profile (blue to orange) generated using our GL theory for given smectic dislocation distribution (black dots) Science,333, 426-430(2011)

(Right) Measured nematic fluctuation configuration.


intra-unitcell nematicity. cartoon

We established a quantitative order parameter representing intra-unit cell nematicity — the breaking of rotational symmetry by the electronic structure within each CuO2 unit cell. The order parameter measures electronic differences at the two oxygen sites within each un

(Left top) A cartoon picture of intra-unitcell nematic order by Dr. Kazu Fujita.it cell. Nature, 466, 347-351(2010)

(Left bottom) The reduced energy (e) dependence of coarse-grained r-space nematic order parameter ONQ(r,e). Supplementary movie 1.